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Hashi (2021 - Present)

Dev Protocol's design system for building bridges from software to user.

Hashi's cover image.

Hashi is Dev Protocol's design system. Aiming to bring a unified user experience when using Dev Protocol products, to present an elegant user interface for consumers to interact with, and to be able to create the same user interfaces regardless of any frontend framework. It powers most of the experiences in the Dev Protocol ecosystem including but not limited to: the Dev Protocol website, Clubs, Niwa, and many more products.

It boasts a wide range of utilities, scalable component architecture, great API and developer experience, and the ability to scale the design system based on the product's own design needs. It gives you the ability to customize the global and component-level themes, create layouts, build specialized components and layouts, and more without compromise.


  • Design SystemOpen Source
  • SCSSTypeScript



A screen capture of Hashi's website
Hashi's cover image but in dark mode.